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Filmworx are independently owned and operated specialising in home and office window tinting including Enerlogic based on the North Shore of Auckland.

Filmworx has had many years of experience we have been in the industry for over 15 years. We take pride in what we do and make sure we are professional and affordable when it comes to commercial window tinting & residential window tinting.

Filmworx are driven to deliver excellence in window film, such as tinting of your home, shop and office.

We have achieved a position of distinction through many years of experience, combined with superior service, and excellent quality products supplied by the likes of MEP. 3M.

When choosing the right window film for your home or office you may want to consider thermal window films ( Enerlogic) as well as our main window film products in the menu.

Discover our wide range of window tinting products and services to accommodate to your needs in any home, office or shop environment. You will find our superior Solar Film window tinting solutions ideal for all settings, preventing up to 79% of solar heat from entering your home, office, or shop. Our safety window tinting solutions will provide outstanding quality, reducing the risk of shattering glass and protection from severe weather and wind borne debris. Security film window tinting solution will help protect your home, office and shop from intrusions from unwanted guest by incorporating secured window installations of multi-layered laminated polyester window film.

Whether you want to tint a window for the home, shop or office, Filmworx will be able to find a solution that is exacting in meeting your needs.

"We are the trusted name for your entire Window tinting needs for your home, office and workplace"

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