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House window tinting can help protect your home furnishings from the Auckland sun


Large expanses of glass in our homes and workplaces are becoming more popular as designers create a greater harmony between inside and outside spaces. However this can lead to dramatic energy- sapping heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra violet rays, and a lack of privacy.

Films block out everything except your view, preventing up to 79% of solar heat entering your home or workplace through the glass, cutting glare by up to 92%, and stopping a remarkable 98% of UV rays!

Window tinting with solar film is the best way to enjoy your view and still keep your home or workplace cool, clear & safe. More kiwis are enjoying the benefits of great views from a well protected window.

In addition, solar Film window tinting will boost energy savings and help provide protection for your home, office or shops furniture from the suns UV rays. The unique benefits will seriously make your environment a better place.


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