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Safety & Security Film

Made from a high quality polyester film, Safety film is bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed specifically to absorb impact and resist dangerous shattering.

Ideal for the kiwi home and keeping it safe for children and the home environment, safety window film will ensure protection from shattering glass using its unique compounds. Also recognised as a growing form of window tint in the home and offices, the Safety Film offers the following benefits


  • Decreases the risk of injury from flying glass
  • Holds broken shards of glass together
  • Protection from severe weather & wind-borne debris
  • Meets AS/NZS2208 safety standards

Security Film

Manufactured utilising multi-layered laminating processes of polyester films- when confronted with a window fitted with Security Film, burglars and vandals are less likely to persevere.

Invest in security film for your home, office or shop, and have reassurance that Filmworx will provide sound installation and deliver excellent service for your needs. Security film, will help prevent the unwanted intrusions of simple break-ins from burglars.


  • Resists an unwelcome intrusion
  • Protects property
  • Protection and security for building occupants
  • Meets AS/NZS2208 standards
  • Used where blast protection is a requirement. GSA* rated

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